Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Microsoft summer Internship 2009

Today when i was checking any avilable internships in egypt to post it on my INTERNSHIP FACEBOOK GROUP and Internship temp BLOG. i saw that microsoft egypt receive resumes before end of february so it's a big opportunity to join such intern.

i remmber someone called rowaa and its post about MS internship i read its post again. i have some questions come to my mind
the answer were as follows:

> the technical assessment is based on ur CV mostly, while the assessment exam is based more on your personal skills

> which means don't expect to go to be asked wt's OOP

> instead, you will be put in a group & asked to make a presentation as a team work about bla bla bla

> they evaluate you as a person who has high communication & presentation skills..

> upon their measurments of how good you are in team work, communication skills, presentation skills , you get chosen

> upon your CV & technical skills, you go to the assesment exam..

Thank you Roaa and Jazakom allahu khairan


Anonymous said...

thank you so much, i am for the first time hear about the presentation skills exam.