Saturday, December 8, 2007

after 2 days that's will be tuesday this day will be one of the best days of my life bec i will go to MS Egypt to be I.S.A part of this community (
and when i came back i will let you know more about this group.
But all i know about this group is:
We are a group of people with a feeling that we can help our small
community of software, participate and aid each other enhancing their social and
technical skills.What we hope is to build a foundation system that everyone can
rely on finding whatever he desire (either technically or socially), to draw
attention to us & to enhance our software market with a better founded
technical people.If you are not a technical, you're still can help & join
us, we need people who can help us form & expose our ideas to the world,
people who can arrange for meetings, public relations, communication skills,
etc... Everyone can help!We're under construction now, if you want to join the
moderators teams & you'll willing to sacrifice a small amount of your time
for a greater good, please message me (Remon Zakaria).
so anybody coul join this group either on facebook or on yahoo groups.
see you after i come from the event ;)